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Zipper Case - Soft zipper cade designed to protect your In-Ear-Monitors.  Features a nice screen printed logo and mesh pouch inside.
Tour Pack - Going on tour with the band?  This accessories pack includes, 3 x 48" Black replacement cables, 2 x 48" Silver replacement cables, 5 x Cleaning tools & 5 x Shirt clips
Cable with Mic - The Cable with Microphone is a great way to control your music and take phone calls when on the go.
Small Dehumidifier - A rechargeable dehumidifier specially for the 64 Audio Personalised Case.  It is usefully for removing moisture from the monitors, caused by sweat or humid environments.
IEM Cleaning Tool - The is used to clean the sound tubes of the IEMs.
The ADEL-B1 Auto Module - The B1 module reduces the occlusion effect (boom in your head) even further to give singers and active wearers fatigue-free listening.  Noise Isolation is -10db.  Modules sold in pairs