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live band recordings

for the UK & Europe

Full HD/4K camera & Pro Tools HD audio/video package prices


Due to the variation & scope of individual live shows, please either fill out our online quote form or call/EMAIL Dan (Contact & Operations) on 07912091979 for a price tailored to your exact requirements.


Pro Tools HD multi-track audio only recording prices


16 channel multi-track recording :   £250.00

24 channel multi-track recording :   £350.00

32 channel multi-track recording :   £400.00

48 channel multi-track recording :   £600.00

64 channel multi-track recording :   £800.00

96 channel multi-track recording :   £1400.00

128 channel multi-track recording : £2500.00


These prices include:

Experienced live recording engineer/s, Pro Tools HD system, High Quality Mic-Pres, SSL converters,

Crowd microphone set-up, Stereo (Stage L&R), 4 channel (Stage L&R & FOH L&R), 5.1 surround & stadium configuration, full redundant multi-track back up & power back-up.

N.B. The prices are a guide and further we may be able to offer discounts for charities, independent bands & artists.