Here are a few commonly asked questions



Q.  What is the APEX Technology

A.  APEX technology is a revolutionary new audio technology that absorbs harmful pneumatic pressures inside your ear canal. The APEX technology is part of the A-Series and U-Series products.



Q.  What is an APEX Module?

A. An APEX Module is the piece that is installed into the IEM and contains the APEX membrane. The modules are user replaceable and can be easily switched out.



Q.  How do custom in-ears feel to people who have never used them before?

A.  If you've never had custom earphones before it will take a little for your ear to get used to something being in it. What to look for is discomfort or pain from wearing them, but if you don't feel any sharp pain, just give your ears a little time to get used to them and you'll forget that you have them in. If however, the pain/discomfort does continue, be sure to submit for a fit adjustment and we can work with you to adjust your custom in-ears accordingly.



Q.  Do you offer custom artwork on the IEMs and if so which format do you require?

A.  Yes, if you would like artwork printed on your IEM faceplate, we accept high quality PNG, JPG, or GIF files.  Just select "Your own design" on step 4 while on the purchase page.



Q.  What material are your custom in-ears made of?

A.  The shells are made of hard acrylic plastic. It happens to be the most durable AND the most hypoallergenic.


Q.  What does the price of the Custom In Ear Monitors include?

A.  Your own custom pair of A-Series 64 Audio IEMs & personalised case, the ear impression costs as well as all postage and customs charges.  So once you have paid, you will not be required to pay any more.


Q.  How long is the build time on custom products?

A.   Production time varies with amount of orders in queue. Please check the store or product page for current build time. The build time is a rough estimate and your order may be delayed by rush orders or refits entering the queue. If you have a deadline for your order we highly recommend you use the rush build option.



Q.  How can I speed up the process?

A.  We can offer a rush build for an additional cost. The in-ear monitors would then take 6 business days to build.



Q.  I have a technical (sound) issue with my earphones and they need repair, what do I do?

A.  Get in touch with us & we'll begin with a troubleshoot, then should we not be able to resolve the issue we'll look to send them back to the 64 Audio lab.


Custom Products: If you opt to cancel your order of Custom Product(s), you must cancel prior to the order being placed to build the IEMs. We will process your return and refund within 2 business days. It may take longer than 2 business days for the refund to appear on your credit card statement. We are unable to offer a refund after a custom earphone product has been built or after the build process has been started.  Where a refund is given, the customer is responsible for the 4.75% Paypal fee, unless the order was done directly to the 64AudioUk/Offslip bank account, then there will be no Paypal fees involved.


Universal-Fit Products: You may return your Universal-Fit Product(s) within 14 days after receipt. The Product(s) must be in “as-new” condition, complete with any accompanying accessories and within the original box and packaging. Missing items will be subject to additional charges.  The return will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, as well as any import duty costs that may have been incurred in delivering the units to the customer.  Shipping costs for returned product(s) are the responsibility of the customer and where a return is granted the customer is responsible for the 4.75% Paypal fees, unless the order was done directly to the 64AudioUk/Offslip bank account, then there will be no Paypal fees involved.