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Sleeved bluetooth cable for added protection.


Poetic series comprises of using multifilament yarns to individually sleeve each of our four custom manufactured UPOCC polyethylene isolated stranded wires, which is then braided to improve sound quality, reduce low range and interference noises. The addition of sleeving each wire serves are a secondary dialectic for extra protection and durability, while maintaining flexibility. Selecting Type 6 Litz wires will prevent electrical anomalies such as skin effect and proximity effect, in addition to preventing oxidation by applying a special enamel coating to individually insulate every strand for long lasting sound quality and appearance. The multiple proprietary dampening cores function to reduce vibration - keeping conductivity constant throughout for the best quality sound. All wires are cryogenically treated to strengthen the structure of the wires for maximum durability and performance. Constructed with the highest quality components available make this one of the best interchangeable cables on the market today.



• Personalize your cable based on available options. [Contact us if you require a custom length or add-on]

• Ultra Pure OCC Type 6 Litz is the most advanced wire on the market featuring multiple proprietary dampening cores for vibration reduction, consistent conductivity, better overall feel and ergonomics, and prevents electrical anomalies.

• Fully sleeved with multifilament to improve ergonomics and maximize wire protection.

• Connectors made from high conductive metal with strong anodized aluminum shell for highest quality performance and reliability.

• Handcrafted in the USA.


Note: Add 'Cable Upgrades/Changes' to your order if you need to make any of the following changes: Increase Cable Length, Add Third Party Termination, JH Siren/Performance, Recabling Service, Add In-Line Microphone, and Rush Order.

Wire Size                    26 American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Wire Type                  UP-OCC

Wire Construction  Type 6 Litz