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Next generation cable developed for audiophiles and purists.

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Designed for audiophiles and purists, this new design - built from the ground up, uses newly modified cryogenically treated UPOCC Type 6 Litz with 7-core dampening made from new proprietary material, enamel coating to prevent electrical anomalies such as skin and proximity effect with a special additive-infused transparent polyethylene insulation for low capacitance and dialectric constant reduction delivering optimal high conductivity. The added PE/MF insulation, tri shielding, and multi dampening covering the wires offers a noise-free environment, resulting in the highest resolution and cleanest sound that has never been heard before in other cables. All conductors are cryogenically treated for long lasting sound and cable structure. Thanks to our design and engineering, overall ergonomics have been improved, while offering a sleeker appearance, and maintaining portability for use at home and on the road. If you are looking for the best sounding and most advanced cable available on the market, this is it.



• Personalize your cable based on available options. [Contact us if you require a custom length or component]

• Ultra Pure OCC Type 6 Litz is the most advanced wire on the market featuring multiple proprietary dampening cores for vibration reduction, consistent conductivity, better overall feel and ergonomics, and prevents electrical anomalies.

• Sleeved lower section of cable for wire protection and improved ergonomics.

• Selected PS connectors and plugs made from pure gold plated copper with strong anodized aluminum shell for high quality conductivity and reliability.

• Selected PS y-splitters and sliders are made out of anodized aluminum for optimal durability.

• 3D Printed y-splitters are designed and manufactured in-house from durable acrylic material.

• Handcrafted in the USA.


Package includes

• Apollonian+ Series Custom Cable

• Amplifier Band 

• Microfiber Cloth 

• Cable Band 

• Cleaning Tool

• PS Premium Packaging [only for Priority and Express shipments]


Our PlusSound custom cables come with a limited 1 Year Warranty, which means that should there be a mechanical fault with them within the 1 year PlusSound will look to repair them free of charge (excluding shipping fees).  However, they reserve the right to assess the situation on a case by case basis.  

As far as shipping goes, we can advise on estimated shipping times, however due to the cables  being built in the US, delays can and do occur and so we cannot be held liable should your order be delivered a little later than expected.

Regarding returns, as these are custom cables and built specifically to you and your ears, once the order is placed and the build of the cable has begun, a refund will not be possible.  This is because the cable you have designed cannot be sold on to anyone else and there is a lot of time and energy put in to build the cables.

Overall Length         4 ft / 48 in / 1219.2 mm / 121.92 cm

Wire Size                    26 American Wire Gauge (AWG)

Wire Type                  UP-OCC

Wire Construction  Type 6 Litz