1) Please go to our US site, select the model you would like to purchase, use the designer to design your awesome 64 Audio IEMs and send us the snapshot of your design to ---> EMAIL


2) Once we have your order and a snapshot of your awesome 64 Audio IEMs, we can then cross-reference them, making sure everything is 100%.


4) Shipping is free to UK addresses.

5) Should you be purchasing from a country outside of the UK and inside the EU please select the appropriate shipping fee for the model you are purchasing.


Our 64 Audo custom In-Ear Monitors come with a limited 2 Year Warranty, which means that should there be a mechanical fault with them within the 2 year 64 Audio will look to repair them free of charge (excluding shipping fees).  However, they reserve the right to assess the situation on a case by case basis.  

As far as shipping goes, we can advise on estimated shipping times, however due to the IEMs being built in the US, delays can and do occur and so we cannot be held liable should your order be delivered a little later than expected.

Regarding returns, as these are custom In-Ear Monitors and built specifically to you and your ears, once the order is placed and the build of the In Ear Monitors has begun, a refund will not be possible.  This is because there is absolutely no way that these units can be re-sold